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The site became bilingual.

As we wrote in the first year the site was visited by fans of art photography from 29 countries. In this regard, it was decided to develop the English version. Now that this decision put into practice, the English-speaking visitors (and not only) will feel comfortable on our website that we hope will affect its attendance.

Upgrade the version of the base software

The site is translated into a new version of the base software. Unfortunately for us the upgrade took a little longer than planned. Because of this site while functioning in a limited mode. The new version of the software will allow us to develop and maintain the site more dynamic.

The first anniversary of the project

Today LookAtPhoto birthday - the first anniversary. What has been done this year? Many, but not all of the plan. However, the site works and its collection replenished. At the site there were regular visitors. During the year, our collection has examined more than three thousand people from 29 countries.

Albums of favorites

Now you can mark their favorite images as "Favorites" and you no longer have to search for them throughout the gallery. They will be at your individual album "My Favorite". This option is available, of course, for registered users only. It does not matter whether you entered account through the website or through social networks.

Offer a favorite picture.

A new opportunity appeared on our site. Until now, the collection site photos added only members of the community "LookAtPhoto". Now offer a picture worthy of publication may be addad by any registered user. But it acts pre-moderation.