"A good picture enables us to understand how little our eyes see. I want to share with you the works of the masters of the genre, whose pictures want to look at again and again, discovering new depths of meaning. Let us learn to see together!"

Rostov-on-Don. Russia.

Alexander Malkin


I started to engage in the photo in 2007 when I enrolled at the Elena Skibitskaya’s Photo school “5.6”. The results of the creativity are the atmospheric photos with distinctive moods and stories told in photo. Mostly I use cameras m4/3 and self-handmade wide-angle monocles. My photos been exposed at three personal exhibitions and numerous mutual exhibitions.
I am a member of Saint Petersburg Creative Union of Artists since 2010.

St. Petersburg. Russia.


"I really like the sentence «The camera is a tool which teaches people how they should see the world without it». In truth – the photography is such a borderless art that you can dedicate your life to it, staying in the continuous search of the new sources of inspiration."

St.Petersburg. Russia.