About The site.

New Type Of A Photo Site...

      Our site is nor a traditional photo site nor a photo social net. You won’t find here user’s accounts or their photos. LookAtPhoto is a collection of the photos, suggested by the members of the LookAtPhoto society.

LookAtPhoto Community...

     The goal of the society is the popularization and the promotion of the contemporary art photography as one of the trends of modern art. We do not promote particular photographers and the unions of photographers or particular manufacturers of photographic equipment. There is only one criterion for the photo to be included in the collection: it’s artistic expression.

The Collection Of The Decent Photos​...

      Nowadays the Internet is pervasive. There are tens or even hundreds of different images appear before a person's eyes on a daily basis. The most of those images are photos.

      When a LookAtPhoto community member would like to share a decent photo with other members, he or she has the opportunity to include the photo in the collection of this site. This is the only way of the collection formation and updating. Any person (not only LookAtPhoto society members) can see the collection and read the comments.

Become a Member!

      There are some additional features available for registered users (directly through the web site or social nets accounts): they are able to participate in discussions, or rate the photos suchwise changing the photo’s author rating. Each LookAtPhoto society member has an own rating. These ratings used to determine the order of the photos appear on the web site. However, the members are able to change the settings of the account and change or even turn off the personal rating. They are able to look at the photos recommended by particular member, or they can exclude unwanted recommendations from the feed.***

Who Are Those People?

      And finally, what is that a secret society? – You will ask. There is no secret. The list of the members is available under the “Society” link. It includes people in some way related to the artistic photography. The members could be professional photographers or amateurs. Moreover: there are members who are not photographers at all! The common view at the artistic photography, it’s humanistic value and mission, and the desire to resist the vulgarity in the guise of photographic art, brings us together. Community LookAtPhoto - not a "sect" or "Masonic Lodge". It's an open self-regulating community to which the users of our website can both join and leave it. Community welcomes into its ranks people who are not indifferent to photography as an art.

If You Are an Author of The Published Photo​...

     If you are an author of a photo published at the website and you are concerned about the legality of the publication, please proceed the “Legality” link.

***At this time, the project is at the beginning stage. Not all listed features are available at the moment. You can find out the last updates regarding the website development under the “News” link.